Under The Covers

Both Hot Muscle Video creation, uploading, sharing with the public and additions to my shop will be made.. Want to see whats gone in past unto present? www.Joshuaarmstrong.co.uk

But the main changes today are under the scenes, and in my body.

A few hours are sent aside to upgrading a few plugins..

And the day set aside to my eating, the past few days I have depleted all my muscles of glycogen and today I refill it all back up,

It’s called skip loading and for a window I will be very low protein, very low fats, and very high medium to high GI/GL Carbs.

This looks like crap entering my body by what was bought in the supermarket.. But in fact I have a very different plan for it and I can expect to wake up over a stone heavier tomorrow (still shredded)..The Wonders of glycogen, more on this later 😉
Right now I have pancakes and jam to tuck into before making the start on the Joshuaarmstrong.co.uk Additions

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