Muscle worship seduction – You can’t help it

When you become the kind of man I am, with the power and the strength I have, you soon discover that you have more control over others than you might have expected. You get a lot of people swooning over you, guys especially. It's all about the admiration in the beginning, the appreciation for the work and effort a man like me puts into their body. But soon enough even the straightest of men become [...]

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My Bodybuilder Dick Needs Sucking

Some of my gym buddies tell me they have a nap to cool down after a session. I'm not joking, they go home and eat, then nap for an hour. At least that's what they tell me, I get the feeling they're like every other honest guy I know and the first thing they need to do is splash a cum load out of their dick. That's what I need when I have a good [...]

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There are many reasons for building a body like mine. First and foremost, it’s for ME and my own sense of satisfaction and achievement. I believe I reach those goals every time I hit the gym and of course, I know my body gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure too. That makes me feel so good and I want that to continue for a very long time! As my videos show, my [...]

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Rub My Cock Against My Shredded Shaved Abs

Hot Fan Made Promotional Youtube Edit... My chest, back and everything in-between is so powerful i can't control myself during some man grooming As you compliment my pecs,biceps, traps,lats and even cock.. watch it grow Only inside my VIDEO ARCHIVE :)

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