No... not exactly a fetish. It’s more a state of mind. A feeling we all know..and love too! That feeling of ALPHA POWER rushes through me, from my head to my toes and everywhere in between. Isn’t it great when you feel so good then look over and see someone lying next to you who gets every juice in your body flowing. There’s ALOT of juice in this massive frame and it’s a massive bed [...]

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Youtube entry for last night and upcoming

First part of my hot GOGO dancing clip, definitely entering new realms.. And I liked it :D Can feel myself becoming more comfortable in this area because of one reason, all you. Every single person who i've interacted with since starting my domain has been so welcoming, kind, thoughtful and so much more. I really am grateful to have support rather than hate, so thank you, so because of that my silly website update interval [...]

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