How I became a muscle man show off

I guess it's obvious that I've been a muscle man show off for a while, but I wasn't always this way. When I was younger I was weak, skinny, insignificant. After playing footie with my mates I would be the shy one in the showers while they would be swinging their dicks around and laughing, talking about sex and getting stiff. My attitude started to change when I really got into working out. My body [...]

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New To Male Bodybuilder Worship

Sometimes you hear from a guy who says he's really into male bodybuilder worship and gets started down the path of meeting up for a session, then one day they disappear and you never hear from them again. I thought that was gonna happen with Mike when he started texting me, but I was wrong. It took a few weeks of him sending me messages and dick pics, telling me how amazing he thought my [...]

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Oiled Muscle Cock Massage

Occasionally I like to indulge, but you would expect that from a man who so often finds himself being totally worshiped by others. I don't care what someone thinks about the psychology of it, an Alpha man like me deserves the best and I'm not ashamed to treat myself. While there are thousands of men who would gladly work my oiled muscle cock for me whenever I want I like to get a little professional [...]

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You crave my Alpha male cum

If I could bottle my jizz and sell it as an elixir I would, and I bet I would have plenty of buyers. It's like a magic potion, or at least a few guys like to think it is. One in particular craves it on a regular basis and he's determined to convince me that my Alpha male cum is what's making him train harder and get bigger every week. I'm inclined to think that [...]

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