Muscle Tradie Cock Show

We all know that a lot of women and men have a thing for guys in uniform like cops and firefighters, but did you know there's a massive appreciation for muscle tradie guys too? I didn't know about the term before, but an Aussie guy I know got me into it. Tradies are basically builders, plumbers, electricians, that kind of thing. My Aussie mate has a real thing for aggressive tradies who show up with [...]

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Freeballing Muscle At The Gym

I found out last week that one of my buddies doesn't know what freeballing is. We go to the gym together a few times a month, whenever he needs someone to kick his ass and really push him, and last week I noticed while we doing squats that his cock was swinging out. I've seen a few freeballing muscle dudes at the gym, guys who just like letting it hang and bounce around, and I [...]

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Alpha Muscle Flexing In The Gym

Are you one of those guys who takes selfies in the mirror at the gym? If you are then you should know that it's kind of a big signal to guys like me who like to find buddies to show off with. Some guys think it's just narcissistic, but a lot of dudes who do it are really into Alpha muscle flexing and getting each other worked up for a good session. And by session [...]

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Muscle top needs your warm hole

Believe it or not, there are guys I meet up with who only want to see my body and watch me flex. There's a new guy I started performing private shows for a few months ago who just sits there and watches me working out, then admires my physique and feels all my muscles. He never touches my stiff cock, or his. He can sit there for an hour with his dick dripping precum and [...]

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