Suck your muscle daddy

You guys know what it's like, after a good session at the gym the first thing you need to do is rub one out. I'm always horny and needing to cum after a good session and my dick won't go down until I've shot a load. Most of the time I get to it in the showers, I don't care much if there's someone there, a lot of the time they'll watch and join in. [...]

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My Alpha Male Cum Is His Reward

You'd be surprised how many random guys become mesmerised by my dick, and where. I was out shopping a couple of days ago and stopped in the pub down the road from my place to take a piss and after getting my cock out at the urinals this dude comes up and stands right next to me, checking out my meat out of the corner of his eye. Guys try to be subtle about it, [...]

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Male Muscle Domination: Reversed & Controlled

I couldn't believe it, it never happens to me, but I can kind of understand how it did. I'm always the one in total and complete control in a male muscle domination session with a new friend, but something happened and the scenario was flipped. He'd been begging, pleading to come over and worship my massive body and for weeks I'd been denying him, knowing it would only make him more and more crazy. Every [...]

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Chav Lad Gets A Lesson In Male Muscle Domination

He's one of those fucking cocky little twats who walks around like he owns the place. I've seen him being an asshole to other lads in the street so when he threw me an insult right outside my door I wasn't having any of it. I called him over and he swaggered towards me, like they do, acting like the big man. He had his hand down his trackies, holding his cock. I know that's [...]

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