A real horny muscle wank

You guys know I jerk off every day. Even when I'm getting laid I set aside some time to get my hand around my meat and rub one out in a muscle wank. Usually, it's right after the gym, a horny workout to satisfy my lust to cum after such an intense session. If you know that about me you probably know I have a lot of fetishes and interests too. I get off on [...]

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I love to please you. I love to make you happy! I know that’s why you are here - so that you can enjoy my body, my alpha male attitude and also my complete and utter domineering nature. It’s what makes JOSHUA ARMSTRONG so very special. On the outside there’s the physical perfection of huge pectorals, shredded abdominals, slabs of quads, globes of glutes and boulders for shoulders. On the inside you know there’s a [...]

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