When men like me walk into the gym it’s like coming HOME. The atmosphere, the smell, the look, the burning desire to be there - HOME! I’ve been training now for 12 years. I’ve mentioned this before. I was 14 years old when I first insisted that I worked out in my school gym with alot of older lads who ended up being inspired by ME. In those 12 hard, long, sweaty years I’ve sculptured [...]

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Eat At McDonalds And Still Get Ripped

When out and about It can be REALLY difficult to keep your healthy diet! I share something really cool, about one particular meal in McDonalds which lets fits my food intake goals to improve my body. I've been eating this for years whenever I need to.. The best thing is it will work for you too!

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Muscular Police Domination

I set off my nightly patrol equipped with my hardest, largest weapon… The sexy leather jockstrap underneath my police uniform is ready for the right occasion

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