Sucking my muscle cock in the office

Everyone in the office already knows that you're my bitch. They've seen you checking out my muscled body and my cock bulge, they know that when I call you into my office you're coming to worship my massive alpha body and suck the cum out of my muscle cock. They're all jealous of you. They would kill to have the opportunity to be my very special personal assistant. They might not even be into sucking [...]

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I’ve just spent an amazing few hours catching up with all the emails you have recently sent to me and I have loved reading every single one of them! Thank you all so much for your kind words about me and my website! You are so complimentary and I am eternally grateful to you all! I am doing my best to reply to all of you and I have been blown away by so many [...]

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As I told you in my last blog I’ve been enjoying going through all of your emails together with all your amazing video requests! Such sexy ideas for me and my body! I am chomping at the bit to get so many of them filmed and I am working out and training extra hard for you to ensure that my spectacular physique is even more magnificent on camera! Come and take a look… This video [...]

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