There’s something so special about being JOSHUA ARMSTRONG. The fact that I can make people happy with what I do makes me feel very good indeed! I love to be appreciated and worshipped for the MUSCLE GOD that I am and I know from all your emails to me that you all enjoy the services I offer you. Whether it be a custom-made video or a webcam show, I love knowing that I am satisfying [...]

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Strip Tease Attempt #1 – Undies Everywhere!!

Hello Hello :) Click Here To View The Strip Tease Preview!! I have been asked to do a strip tease.. So I accepted, and loved it :) This is in my Members area now :) – This Isn't going into my e-commerce shopping cart. I just wanted to say here, everywhere, wherever I can – thank you for being very supportive of me. I go to bed at night with a warm heart (Very blooming [...]

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