I love to please you. I love to make you happy! I know that’s why you are here - so that you can enjoy my body, my alpha male attitude and also my complete and utter domineering nature. It’s what makes JOSHUA ARMSTRONG so very special. On the outside there’s the physical perfection of huge pectorals, shredded abdominals, slabs of quads, globes of glutes and boulders for shoulders. On the inside you know there’s a [...]

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I am happy to get into any fetish you want to me to perform for you especially if it gets me totally and utterly horny and wanting to blow a massive load somewhere! See what happens in this EXTRA LONG video as I push my huge shredded body AND my limits to the extreme, get higher and higher and working myself up to pure sexual ecstasy that can end only one way! It definitely made [...]

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Laughing Gas Fun

Michael really wanted my socks, pits and feet stinking, all the clothes + more were sent with his own custom made DVD of his fantasy tickle masturbation fetish. I use various items to give my body whole all over tickling pleasure while my cock is taken care of in my sock… He wanted that sock full and juicy before shipped over the pond to the USA… I used a whole case of NOS canisters within [...]

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