And Old Friend – Muscle Cock Sucking Buddies

I wasn't always the big and buff Alpha God you see before you today. When I was younger I was athletic, but never really muscled. I got a lot of attention from the girls, and maybe one or two guys too, but things really changed when I got bigger. I really noticed it when I met up with an old buddy from back then that I hadn't seen for years. Another friend brought him along [...]

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What a naughty teacher…

Watch The Preview in HERE for the HOT VERSION Its College anatomy class… The teacher wants to talk to me, a sweet innocent minded almost naive student… Im not doing well so after class..the teacher takes you to a one-on-one study session.. he presuades me to use my own body to help explain the different parts of the human body better… Things get interesting quite quick and turns into a sensual muscle stroking session … [...]

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