Jerking Off With Poppers

I love the head rush, the intensity of sensation as I breath in. Jerking off with poppers always gets me super hard and super horny, but it's even better when I have a muscle slut like you to control and instruct. It doesn't matter if you've never used them before, I'm here to show you how to do it, to give you that first experience. I can tell you like it, that dick of yours [...]

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Wanking with poppers

It's been a long day at work but finally I get to come home and make a special private video for you, stripping off and wanking with poppers, breathing it deep and getting so turned on for you. I know you love getting my little videos and seeing what's waiting for you when you get home to your lover. Sometimes I love to tease you with a little peek of the goods, or maybe tell [...]

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Sometimes it’s not only my awesome physique that someone wants me to use to satisfy their deepest desires. It’s true enough that I do have the equipment physically to keep everyone happy and I think that has been proven time and time again! With these massive PECS, sweeping LATS, bulging TRAPS and shredded ABS, I can satisfy anyone who loves massive muscle together with total masculine domination and worship. But as I said, sometimes I [...]

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We all have our roles in life. We all have our roles at work and at play. We all have our roles in relationships. It’s in our DNA as to which role we adopt. Leaders and followers. Bosses and workers. Alpha and Omega. Dominant and submissive. When you look at JOSHUA ARMSTRONG it’s pretty obvious as to which way the coin turns! This body, these muscles, this attitude…it all screams “MASTER” and you all love [...]

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