Police Officer Cock

Guys love my uniform, the power it signifies does something to them. The uniform is even more impressive when it's on a massive body like mine. I have a nickname at the station. They call me "Tank", and it's not just because of my massive muscled body. They call me that because my police officer cock is always getting hard and standing up like the barrel of a tank gun. They've all seen me after [...]

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I set off my nightly patrol equipped with my hardest, largest weapon... The sexy leather jockstrap underneath my police uniform is ready for the right occasion John boy has been a naughty boy and is that occasion I dominate him with my powerful uniformed position and GOD like physique till he cums the roof down...

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But Officer I’ve been a good boy

In the members area... Pushing my self that little bit further again... I stop you on the street.. PC Armstrong. But I'm not your every day copper.. I've seen you been a little shit over the years around the area I force you into submission by my social rank.. you won't listen.. You make a compliment about my muscles but are still VERY cheeky.. I Force you down on your hands and knees and thats [...]

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