Made to drink my muscle cum

It's shoulder day, and that always get me so fucking horny. Then again, every session gets my cock throbbing and my balls churning up a hot load of muscle cum ready for shooting off. It's a good thing I have so many willing guys just begging for my Alpha male cock. There's always someone ready and willing to gobble my meat when I need it. You're the one today, the lucky friend I happened to [...]

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Trying To Rob A Muscle Dom?

Guys breaking into houses should really pay some attention to who they're robbing, maybe then you wouldn't be in this situation. You should have watched my place for a while before you chose to try anything, then you would have known what you were up against. It's too late now. You probably want me to just call the cops and save your pathetic little arse from me, but now you're mine, and I get to [...]

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Wanking out my huge muscle cum load

Every morning I wake up with a raging stiffy, leaking precum and throbbing with the need to shoot my load. I've been saving my massive muscle cum load for you today, ready to give you a special treat.
 Join me on my new big bed as I slowly strip out of my clothes, revealing my bulging muscles. I haven't had a shower yet, you can smell the sweat and the sweet aroma of my precum [...]

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Take my hot muscle cum shot

Working out gets me so damn horny, every time I finish a session all I can think about is pumping out my muscle cum and satisfying my rock hard dick. It's a good thing I have you here to worship me the right way, to appreciate my power and strength, to breathe in my sweat as you bury your face in my damp armpits and inhale deeply. I know you want it, I know the [...]

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