My morning boner needs a good workout

I can guess that most of you start your day with a good long cock stroke, right? My morning boner is a determined one, if I don't stroke my cum out first thing then my dick will be leading me to work, or the gym, refusing to quit until I give it the attention it needs. Of course, that can be a good thing, I've found more than a few buddies wanting to help me [...]

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Ball sniffing cock lover likes my scent

A few years ago I worked out that the smell of the locker room is something that never fails to get my cock rock hard. I know I'm not the only one, the gym I go to is pretty well known when it comes to stiff dicks being on display in the locker room and showers. There's a steam room too and although not many guys use it you can be almost guaranteed to get [...]

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Muscle worship training for a noob

A lot of guys don't understand what they're really getting into when they beg for some muscle worship training from a God like me. They see all the videos out there and imagine they can just walk in and start feeling my body, exploring my massive build, my hard cock, they don't get that they need to be educated before I'll let them do anything. A few months ago I had a new guy who [...]

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Cum drunk muscle pup obeys

So there's this guy I've been kinda training, and I mean that in every sense. He started out asking for advice on how to bulk up and I gave him some tips and we started working out together. It was pretty regular and I was sure he was just one of those guys who admires alpha men like me but doesn't have any sexual interest in worship or anything like that. I guess I was [...]

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