So you like Muscle Men in Spandex?

You guys know I love all the attention. When I walk into a room I can feel all eyes on me, I know guys and girls are checking me out and amazed by my massive physique. I like showing it off, I used to just wear tight shirts and snug fitting shorts that really display my glutes, my incredible thighs and my big dick bulge, but these days I really love the feel of skin-tight [...]

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Sucking a bodybuilder like me takes obedience

When my buddy told me about you and how curious you were I wasn't sure what I could do with you, but now you're here in front of me it all becomes clear. You need to be directed, educated in the ways of worship and admiration. Sucking a bodybuilder cock isn't easy, especially not when it's as long and hard as mine, but with enough time and practice I can have you ready to be [...]

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Do you want my muscle man cum?

It was his first time, and I knew he'd been waiting for me to get home for more than an hour. I kept him waiting as long as possible, of course, the anticipation and expectation only makes a good long private performance even more exciting. My muscle man cum load had been building all afternoon, my cock getting hard and then soft again, over and over, while thinking about how I could get him hooked. [...]

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Leather muscle daddy dick waiting for you

It's sometimes surprising to me how easy I can pick up someone who knows how to appreciate a real man. A couple of weeks ago I was out in my bike and stopped at a pub to meet a friend and this young footballer lad came up to me to comment on my leather gear. I knew straight away that this young jock guy was curious about my leather muscle daddy dick. I gave him [...]

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