A full stripper wanking show

If you've been to a male stripper show you know that most of them are pretty weak. The guys they have in those shows aren't that big, and most of the time they don't even get hard. They might look alright but without a cock ring and an hour of wanking behind the curtain to keep it chubby they're just average. I'm a real alpha man, I know what guys want to see and I [...]

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I’ve built my body to huge proportions! You’ve seen me in my photos and my videos so you know what you’re going to get from the UK’s #1 MUSCLEGOD! You also know that I’m continually working my arse off in various gyms to make sure that my physique is in tip-top condition so that when you contact me with your requests I can give you exactly what you want and need. Let’s be honest here [...]

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So much of my life revolves around the world of muscle and muscle worship. It’s what I have created and what I love. I am a firm believer that "muscle maketh the man”. Looking at THIS man - this Muscle God - proves my point beyond any doubt at all. But let’s go even further with that - it’s not just the MASS of the muscle that makes it irresistible; it’s the MOVEMENT of the [...]

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