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My neighbor is a pussy, a bitch who thinks he's all that. He barged past me out on the street once trying to act like a big man in front of his girl, so I turned and got right in his face, all it took was a little shove and he was on his arse. I never expected him to come and knock on my door a couple of weeks later asking if he could [...]

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Muscle man morning boner

Every guy wakes up with a morning boner, but while some guys make do with a quick wank in the shower I really need to get into a good long cock pleasing session to satisfy my shaft. My muscled body demands more than a hasty wank, this isn't about just getting that cum out and moving on with my day. My morning boner needs more than that to be satisfied and my morning wanks are [...]

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When you're as big and powerful as I am there's no shortage of guys who want to be pinned down beneath my massive body while I use and dominate them, but now and then I need a real competitor able to fight back at least a little. There's nothing hotter than grinding against someone, muscle-on-muscle, sweat dripping from our bodies, cocks rock hard and leaking precum through our singlets as we grapple for dominance. Of [...]

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Bodybuilder cum is good for you!

If you ever get the chance you should drink a bodybuilder cum load, especially if it comes from a cock like mine. It's packed with goodness, it's so tasty, and it might help you become a real man, like me. Alpha men who work out hard sometimes do it, jerking out their cream and licking it up. I've heard things about it from other guys, men who have real power and strength, almost as godlike [...]

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