Muscle wank in my sexy jeans

You all know I really love dressing up and enjoying my cock in some muscle wank sessions. I get off on wearing leather, I love lycra, I enjoy making something special for my fans and having fun in all kinds of ways. One of the horniest things for me is denim. There's something so hot about wearing jeans and getting my cock out for a good long wank, especially when there's someone else there to [...]

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Muscle dom ready to fuck you

I love my toys. I have a big collection already but I recently added to it with a new Fleshlight. I've been using it lately and fucking that tight little anal hole with my muscle dom cock, pumping my loads into it. I thought you guys would love to see me enjoying it while you think about what it would be like if it were your ass. If you've wondered what it would be like [...]

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Jerking Off In Jeans

It's been a hard day at work so far, but I know how to reward myself. It's time for a break, slipping off my jacket and unbuttoning my shirt, flexing my massive muscles and showing off my ripped abs. All day everyone has been checking out my arse in my tight jeans, admiring my cock bulge too. It always makes me so horny when I'm getting so much attention. Join me as I deliver an [...]

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