Massive Muscle Submission

There are three types of men in this world. First, you have the men who like to be in control, ordering others to submit to their will and do what they demand. Then you have the guys who want to be told what to do, turned on by being pushed around and used by men more powerful than they will ever be. Finally, you have the guys who pretend they're in control, but secretly all [...]

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This new video is one sexy fucker! It’s an amazing idea from one of my amazing fans and once I got my head around the concept of this particular fantasy, it certainly got my juices flowing! It’s a scary thought to come home and find unwelcome visitors there but the twist here is that whatever they have stolen, it seems that they are more interested in JOSHUA ARMSTRONG than anything else! Perhaps it was the [...]

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I travel an awful lot in both my jobs. I have to stay in hotels much of the time and invariably I see the same people who are in the same situation as me. Sometimes, I am VERY happy to see some of those familiar faces and on a few occasions they are lucky enough to see A LOT more than just your favourite MUSCLEGOD’s smiling face! Understand what I’m telling you? This video sets [...]

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When the idea came in for this latest video, I was thrilled! I’d been thinking about this kind of scenario for a while and it felt good knowing that my fans were thinking the same thing! Assuming the role of a MUSCLE MASTER is second nature to me, but being known as a “MONSTER MASTER” blew my mind! I LOVE the idea of being worshipped and the reality is even better! Having an inferior being [...]

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