Muscleman hypnotised into cumshot

Everyone knows that I love being in control. It's easy for me, guys are always submissive in my presence and I can do pretty much whatever I like with them when they see my massive muscled body. They like to pretend it's intimidation, but I know they're really lusting after me. Even though I love being the true Alpha, every now and then I love to think about what it would be like if someone [...]

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My greatest pleasure is pleasing you and to do that I have to keep in tip top condition and make sure this body of mine continues to grow and improve. To be honest, I love bodybuilding so much that it’s never an effort for me to go to the gym and work this alpha frame to the extreme! I know that the more muscular and shredded I become, the more you like it! Let’s face [...]

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When it comes to CONTROL, MASCULINITY and DOMINATION there’s only one man you need. JOSHUA ARMSTRONG. I am the complete ALPHA MALE and with my immaculate physique I can do what the fuck I like to anyone I like! These massive arms, pecs, shoulders and quads make me a totally superior man to everyone around me and I love that power! With my built in aggression and sexual strength, I can also satisfy any person [...]

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Some of us are born as leaders. Some of us are born as followers. It’s the natural order of things. There will always be those who are more superior than others and they will be the leaders of the pack. The rest are happy to follow and be guided by those who are of higher standing - that’s the way of our World then, now and always! I think you know by now that I [...]

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