Your Own Personal MuscleMan..Member Remastered

I have started to re-introduce carbs today.. and the Body is sucking them up nicely.. hoping to wake up in the morning one step dryer...follow me on Instagram if you haven't :) - My account is growing fast! Remastered for my members again :) in a premium transcoder & accurate dimensions for smooth flowing HD Action :) I am submitted.. COMPLETE ROLE REVERSAL You ever wanted a muscleman as your #1 Man? Follow you, [...]

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Cummy Pants…

I am currently running a water manipulation, (if you wanna shift some weight - and dry out, give it a read but it requires dedication.. I posted the routine in the members area :) Now now.. Spence wanted a naughty video and a pair of undies to go with... 3 Loads into the back of the boxers.. The final one straight after this video my own verbal got me going so much.. Never mind the [...]

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My Flagship Red Leather Panties..

Remastered for my awesome members :)..Placed into the new transcoder and the dimensions sorted for streaming..cant improve the video on this one as it was filmed by my friend @ TBF.. I will be going back to shoot more at the beginning of February with Dan, he's great. Lovely lovely guy, and nice guys I have ALL the time for.. One thing this world is short on is nice chaps... In this incredible video filmed [...]

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