Locker room cock slave

So many guys love checking out all that locker room cock, eyeing up the other dudes as they shower, seeing them swinging their meat around while they walk, getting hard spying on each other and appreciating the sight of powerful naked muscle on display. I get off on knowing all the guys are watching me but it's a special thrill knowing that it's driving them crazy and they know they'll never be able to do [...]

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There’s nothing better for an Alpha God like me than finishing up at the gym feeling massive and pumped and having all those admiring eyes admiring my physique. I always see it when guys watch me walking around the gym, my muscles bulging and my cock swinging heavy and loose in my trackies, visible to them as I move. They can’t resist watching me as I flex my muscles and tease them with my power [...]

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When men like me walk into the gym it’s like coming HOME. The atmosphere, the smell, the look, the burning desire to be there - HOME! I’ve been training now for 12 years. I’ve mentioned this before. I was 14 years old when I first insisted that I worked out in my school gym with alot of older lads who ended up being inspired by ME. In those 12 hard, long, sweaty years I’ve sculptured [...]

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Ever thought about having me as your personal trainer? The post workout perks.. Or perhaps the post workout punishments.. Whether you get my cock in your mouth or my belt you'l get something ;) As I’ve said before I love helping people train in the gym! It’s something I feel very comfortable with. I’ve been doing this for years now, have learned loads of amazing workout techniques plus I’m a nutrition expert too - for [...]

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