Bodybuilder massage – Getting me horny!

You might not know this, but bodybuilder massage is a pretty specialist field. Sure, any masseur can give you a good rub down, but when you're a massive alpha man like me you need to get someone special who really knows what they're doing. I get a good deep tissue massage a few times a month, I need it the way I push my body to the limit. It feels so good and the guy [...]

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Muscle slave wants my dick?

It takes more than just following me home to get my dick, you should have known that. Even after I've let you in you need to work for my attention. If you're obedient enough, willing enough to comply and do as you're told, maybe I'll let you be my muscle slave and give you a taste of what you crave. You'll need to work hard to get even a fraction of what you really want, [...]

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