Roll on the soapiest foamiest shower video possible :D

Gummy Bears Demise in the members area now (5 stills embedded from the video)... top tip... actually ate the gummy bears post workout as after training weight your muscles scream for this point a carb is a carb, get your post workout carbs from anything with almost zero fat. Jelly tots is my usual ones but they are no good to murder.. Getting all soapy in the next release >>> uploading!! Josh xx

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Like always above is the youtube embed which which is edited to comply with there very strict terms + condition... Therefor if you click HERE you get to see the preview instantly :) I have so much stuff to film, upload and I cant WAIT to share it... I seem to be getting more comfortable with the content in my members area as shown by the GOGO dancing video..loved it :D cant wait for round [...]

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