Sniff the musk…

Macro sitting bottom orientated video in the members area now...which means a very naughty one lined up after it :p I grow throughout, I want to grow more, i need it.. I humiliate you as i grow more, i get off on it, being vile you have no control.. sniff it through my tight white calving its only gonna get worse if you resist.. ill just grow more

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This is update ONE of today, I have plenty more to go ;)..tonight's is properly XXX and I am starting to love it... MACRO, SQUASHING VIDEO :) Jamie is sitting on my chair.. looking up at me I look down, smirking ;) "You Shouldnt be on my chair Jamie, you'll end up getting sat on" Now my GIANT BUTT Torments Jamie, Flattens him over and over My White Little Calvin Klein's show of my muscle [...]

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