Leather and cum is a potent mix

When I first got a real bike I discovered something unexpected about myself... I love the feel and the smell of leather. I never really thought about it before then but the very first time I bought leather gear for a long ride with a buddy of mine and tried it on my cock was rock hard and dripping precum within seconds. It wasn't just the feel of it on my naked skin or the [...]

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Muscle rubber jerk off

You guys know I love to put on great shows and give my fans what they want to see. I'm always getting horny suggestions from my top members and followers, and when I see something that will really work or something new I haven't tried before I'm really interested in making a video for it. He's a horny guy in the US who loves using rubber toys and fetish gear, and although it's something I [...]

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Bicep Smeared With Muscle Cum

What's better than seeing my incredible vascular biceps bulging? How about them being smeared with fresh muscle cum straight from my cock? I love the feel of semen smeared over my muscles, warm and gooey. The smell of it turns me on so much, especially when I've been performing and working up a sweat in front of an obedient viewer like you. We work into it slowly, with me showing you how I like to [...]

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You want my lycra cock bulge?

Nothing gets more attention than a big lycra cock bulge, and of course it helps that the rest of my incredible body is awesome too. I first learned how hot it is to show off in some really tight gear when I bought some new shorts for the gym. I loved the feel of it, so I started getting some really tight tops to wear too, with themes like Superman and Batman. Ever since then [...]

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