An Oiled Muscle Show At The Gym

So there's this guy at the gym who likes to watch me. I've seen him a few times checking me out and he always follows me into the showers after. He tries to hide the fact that he's admiring me but I like trying to make eye contact and seeing him quickly look away. He's a big guy in his early 20's, not as big as me of course, but he's got some good muscle [...]

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Obey your verbal muscle God

He was waiting in his car when I got back from work. He didn't see me park up and when I approached to tap on the window I caught him watching one of the videos I'd sent him on his phone and wanking his dick. I like seeing that in a submissive man, his desperation to to worship me making his meat rigid and his need to cum almost unbearable. He'd been coming by ever [...]

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Surfer Bottom Buggered Hard

He'd never done anything like it before, but he was mesmerized by my physique. His hands seemed to have a life of their own, he was almost helpless to stop them while they slid the sun cream over my bulging biceps and mountainous pecs, slipping down over my abs to where my red shorts his my growing cock. It had all started with a simple greeting while he passed on the beach, his "G'day, mate" [...]

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The Smell Of Alpha Men

Like a lot of guys, I love the smell of the locker room and showers. When I started training years ago it wasn't even on my radar, then I met a guy who explained to me why he gets so hard the second he walks in there. He told me he timed his workouts to coincide with a group of Alpha men, real bodybuilder guys, because walking into the locker room right after them meant [...]

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