I Get What I Want In The Work Place

My Juicy JUICY Hot nipples come out to play... Come out to distract, one out to seduce... The pits are devastatingly manly, eyes cannot stop looking, and this is all while my clothes are still on... Never mind the velvet hot bodybuilding posers that are waiting beneath..

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When you were/are in your teens, you went to the swimming pool and saw 2 fit guys having hot fun by dunking each other under the water.. It was all about who can stay under the water the longest! I was one of those guys! And to me it was erotic and all about male dominance!! Mark contacted me with a similar remembrance... Watch me gasp for my breath as I assert my male dominance [...]

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The Spenny Special’s Replacements

I might just purchased a few new pairs of posers off the back of this video, they were so fitting, snug yet revealing at the same time... And they were sent out the same day!! Therefor they needed immediate replacement!! Comfortable arse and balls come at me!!

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Bouncing Pecs In My Secret Singlet

I needed to give Jerry his pick me up as he was feeling down. He needed to witness a god like me showcase my pectoral muscles like never before. For every PEC bounce I demand you pull on the shaft of your ****, but are you prepared for how HARD and how FAST I can pec bounce?

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