Video Blog – My Horny Big Blue Bulge

So now you know that LYCRA just happens to be the favourite material I like to feel against my skin! I don’t know why but it’s one of the most sensual experiences I can think of! My massive muscles pressing against that tight, stretchy fabric is a feeling like no other! The restriction of my usually exposed pumped PECS, boulder SHOULDERS and shredded ABS, tightly imprisoned in lycra makes the sexual juices flow even harder [...]

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I am the ultimate MUSCLEGOD. My physique has been meticulously sculptured and crafted through years of toil and hard work in the gym. I know that every part of my body is admired by so many people. My gigantic pectorals scream out for worship. My shredded abdominals and obliques demand respect. My boulder shoulders are usually only dreamt of by lesser men and my muscular back and tight, rock hard glutes are pure masculine beauty. [...]

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Poppers Domination Nylon Seduction

See me blow show off my adonis muscular frame before blowing into my tight nylon boxers.. Before I lick it up and demand you blow on me too.. You hungry for me? come get me... Full Video 11:32 (Mins:Sec)

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