A long distance cum load especially for you

Long distance relationships can be almost impossible, especially for men like me who need to get off regularly. There are ways to make it a little easier, of course, like sharing some photos and videos. After a good long workout at the gym I'm pumped up and horny, ready to make a very special video for my absent lover. It would be great to feel those hands sliding over my massive muscled body, but the [...]

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My cum stained boxer shorts

I really enjoy some sexy boxer shorts. I have a big collection of underwear of all kinds, but well-fitting boxers like my black Calvin Kleins are my favorite. There's something so sexy about sliding on a clean pair in the morning and feeling them against my ass and cock. I sometimes change them in the middle of the day, after a good work out at the gym. I love it when they're damp with sweat [...]

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Hellish Back workout – Presents To the USA For a SUPER Loyal Lovely Fan!

I was privileged enough today to get my bum down to the post office to send a HUGE parcel, I mean the biggest postage bag that they had, and it barely fit in! The postage price made me drop my jaw a little haha! In the pipeline... I have plenty of videos still to make (beginning early morning tomorrow) and to upload into the shop & members after filming; coming up this week I have [...]

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