One of TWO :D

VASCULAR STRAINING FLEXING is in place.. the vine embed I had in my front page just broke word press, and ill leave the most recent hot preview there... But if you follow me on twitter my vine updates get posted there before anywhere else It takes around 3 hours each video each night from beginning process to closing the laptop, going to begin video number two as its already edited etc as soon as i've [...]

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Updates,Videos,Pictures – All in one

Hello :) just finally sat down for the night, I’ve got a variety of content for this week days - just haven't decided which days to upload… think may do some double-uploading :) Signed off a pair of posers + swim shorts to go in the post this week, sent with LOVE and that’s a promise, kissed (even a little extra josh on them ;)) - there’s a video that goes with this and this [...]

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Joshwaa’s Monday Update

Getting hot'n bothered in the office right now.. Going to hit up my back straight from here, I mean I'm absolutely going to pummel it into oblivion Deadlifts, Bent over rows, Meadow Rows, One handed Rows, Lat pulls + Wide Grip Chins to failure .. or to death i like to call it Straight from this I'm going to film a video, pumped for a multiple mid-week video release, gotta save the XXX ones for [...]

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