Muscle Man Lap Dance – A Private Show

I bet you never knew that I once thought about joining a professional male dance troupe. I knew a guy who used to do it and he told me I would be good, he knew what I had and he knew I could perform. The truth is, I would have been too horny and hard for it. You know what those guys are like. They dance around for ten minutes, flash their floppy cocks for [...]

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A full-on muscle masturbation show

My muscle masturbation sessions are legendary. The sight of my incredible Alpha God body being slowly revealed right in front of your eyes is irresistible. As I flex and perform especially for you, knowing it's getting you so turned on, so hard, dripping juice in your shorts, it's hard to imagine there could be anything that might make it even more special. There are ways, like using toys on my already sensitive cock as I [...]

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You like rimming muscle ass?

Everyone knows that I love showing off my massive body, stroking my rock hard cock and shooting off my big loads. Most of you know that taking control of a cock sucker and making them gobble my muscle dick is one of the hottest things for me. But maybe you didn't know that I love rimming muscle ass and having my own hole licked out too? It gets me so worked up seeing a pucker [...]

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Hunk Fleshlight Fucking

Ever since I got my new fleshlight I've really been enjoying it. I wasn't sure it was going to be as good as I'd heard, but fleshlight fucking is pretty much a hobby for me now. When I get back from a great workout at the gym all I can think about is getting off. I know it's because of all the hard work and all the attention I get. You should see how all [...]

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