Jerking Off With Poppers

I love the head rush, the intensity of sensation as I breath in. Jerking off with poppers always gets me super hard and super horny, but it's even better when I have a muscle slut like you to control and instruct. It doesn't matter if you've never used them before, I'm here to show you how to do it, to give you that first experience. I can tell you like it, that dick of yours [...]

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Muscle scally cock stroking

Everyone loves a juicy and hard scally cock, especially when it's attached to an amazing muscle man like me. I might be bigger than all the other local scally lads around here but that just seems to get guys even hornier to service me. It's understandable, when you look like I do and have all this muscle you get all the attention wherever you go. I look good in my trackies and trainers, I look [...]

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Your face in my sweaty muscle pits

Being the big and powerful man I am I often get asked by other guys jealous of my body and wanting to be an alpha God how they can do it. Most of the time I just tell them it's about dedication and commitment, but when I see that familiar glint in their eye that tells me they're horny for it I know I can tell them more. They're the ones who get to be [...]

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A muscle wank for the boss

I knew something was up when you called me into the office late, after everyone had gone home. I know you're usually the last one here and it's no secret you spend an hour after work watching porn at your desk and rubbing your cock to get a load out, but I never knew you were into seeing guys doing the same. All it took was a lingering look and I knew I had some [...]

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