Still learning what a real man tick? Let me give you a lesson, how someone like me really tocks.

The muscle that a man carries is a DIRECT representation of the man that he is, so of course for me. It is that I’m A GOD!

Just walking down the high street gets me STOPPED, get me stared at – this just adds to the already there realisation of what a real man is.

They want me to tense, they want me to show off, to flare – but nobody in the high street would have the bollocks to ask me to, lucky for you – a true man doesn’t need to be asked.

With my body still prominent in hair (as I had no reason to shave my chest down) I stand in front of you more alpha masculine than ever before.

I can tell when someone is looking UNDERNEATH my clothes, trying to spot what muscle desires are underneath whatever clothes I happen to be wearing.. But I’m telling you right now when I go from clothed to no clothes – the eyesight of the person watching goes BANG!

It’s like they’ve just been shot by a bullet made of hunk. They don’t know where to look, they definitely don’t know where to touch first…

Now heres the secret, when I see someone looking at me in the way like they’ve never seen a muscle man like me before, that REALLY gets me off. REALLY fucking gets me going.

I can’t help but act on this, I must force you to submit to my manly essences, my manly physique my masculine character. Everything about me must be submitted to and you can just sense it and obey…

All this talk about what i’d want as a real man and what I offer as a real man has made me so FUCKING horny.. See my big alpha cock. My final lesson, what a real man does – He gives more than he gets… I want you to explode alover my body just as I do..

I can see your dick throbbing, pumping and getting hotter by the second… I like it ALOT

Don’t forget my goodbye kiss on the way out…

Full Video 13:52 (Mins:Sec)