Me and Dean secluded in a city centre apartment, His boyfriend TOTALLY unaware

He has this Amazing fascination over my sexy fucking pecs, he just wants to stick his dick between my pecs and me give him the worlds greatest pec Wank from the worlds hottest muscle god.

I Demand he worships my pecs, my abs, my vascular shoulders + biceps.

My world class PITS are not to be ignored either.

Instantly Dean can tell how much bigger, better & ALPHA I am than his shitty inferior boyfriend.

I allow him to complete his ultimate fantasy, his hard dick in-between my solid, shredded ripped pecs.

I abuse his inferior boyfriend as he completes his fantasy of his cock between my dinner plate chest.

I don’t let him stop till I see the cum shoot out, my pecs DEMAND the best, and demand an orgasm, Will you last?

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