Plenty of sexy kisses, seductive looks and pumped vascular hunk muscles only for John boy…

I am absolutely caked in oil, dripping from muscle to muscle. As dominant as ever I taunt and seduce with everything I have carved over the last 10 years of intense bodybuilding.

I use every weapon in my arsenal to make sure the your desires are met. My bulging pecs are stroked, caressed with oil as it slips down my ever so slightly grown back hair, down my juicy hot nipples…

John boy loves the veins in my Delts when I do the hard most muscular pose, so I of course I have to use that to my advantage.

As the time goes on my aggression builds, my cockiness builds as I show off, I KNOW John boy knows how to appreciate a body like mine.

From seductive hips gyrating like the most muscular lap dancer on the planet to intense flexing showing pure dominance.

I ALWAYS want John boy to cum, so I give him a helping hand.. But as the oil starts to seep into my jockstrap..

I can’t help but get hard myself 😉

Full Video 12:55 (Mins:Sec)