Why does EVERYONE always stare at me? It’s just something you have to get used to when you look like I do.

It just increases the amount that I love it the more that it happens, and it spurs me on to be adventurous and FILTH!

When I notice it, I start to control, dominate and seduce others by acknowledging the voyeur that is happening and respond in just the RIGHT WAY…

I don’t even need to pop my muscles to catch attention, to get stared at. All I must do is open my northern mouth.

Long story short (Or Should I say wide) an added reason for staring is – HOW BIG IS HE? I wonder how big his COCK IS! Find out exactly how blessed with girth i’ve been.

As the eyes wander up and down my body trying to spot anything which may give away my secrets, I really start to react…

It can only go one way – Sexual aggression on my part, and submission on yours

Full Video 13:14 (Mins:Sec)