15:42 (Mins:Sec)

Do you like torn clothes on a sexy muscled guy? I do 😉 Straight from the gym, i’m pumped, cocky and horny.

My dick is uncontrollably hard as i’m so turned on by shredding these clothes. It’s the way my body looks afterwards with just rags and tatters around my muscled frame.

At the beginning of the video I’m still wearing a shirt, tie and jumper. But by the end not much of any of that is left.

Look what happens as I slowly and sexily cut through the middle of the chest, round the neck and round the arms of the jumper till i’m left with a very revealing jumper crop top.

That was all I was meant to cut, but I get carried away and cut my pants and tie, so both my cock and bum are hanging out.

As I catch a glimpse of myself like this, shredded abs clearly visible because i’ve cut my clothes so short my dick gets hard instantly.

I wank off with a huge smile on my face as my bulging shredded muscles get more and more vascular the more I jerk off, and of course it would be rude not to cum on the shredded jumper right? it’s pretty much fucked anyway…