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When my muscles are on show, hidden. Pumped or flat. It doesn’t matter. I’m not scared of anything or anyone.

No one can get what they want out of me only I get what I want out of you!

I’m uncontrollable and as I whip of my top you can see that I’m definitely not flat, my muscles are PUMPED from the most intense gym session i’ve had in months, and filled from my masses of food the night before.

My Pecs huge and round, my biceps bulging with veins. I show no weakness.

With my sheer verbal dominance I put you where I want you and get you ready to suck my fat muscle cock dry.

My biceps are kissed, my pecs are bounced. My snake like hips are used to make you completely submitted.

As I strip from my under armour lycra to my under armour boxers, my attitude starts to change.

And when i’m finally in front of you with nothing but a tiny jockstrap, it just reminds me of what happens when I have a REAL muscle fan in front of me worshiping me in my jock.

The tables turn… I’m vulnerable when it’s just you and me, in my jockstrap.

Don’t tell anyone my secret, just enjoy the cum show 😉