Up-Close Personal PECTORAL Muscles



My pecs are the thickest they’ve ever been, described as INSANELY THICKY! This angle was wanted to really show off what my pecs have got to give.

Slabs of steel carved onto the body of a god, Rock solid and vascular.

I really get into this, because naturally – I love pecs, so when I get mine worshiped or the focus of someones attention is directly onto my pecs, I can’t contain myself.

I teach you how I grew my pecs to the godly standard that they are in front of you today, how I squeezed each rep out, how I contracted and stretched in-between.. It goes without saying it makes us both VERY horny.

I explode my pecs in every way I can with the loudest exhales.

I can see you are ready to pop, the close up personal contact with my pecs is just too much, so when I say please dump a massive CUM over them… How long do you think you can last?

Full Video 10:06 (Mins:Sec)