See how it is how EVERYONE else views me.. BENEATH me

I want every single one of my muscles to explode and POP for you, I squeeze every last bit of blood into every inch of muscle, biceps, triceps, traps, lats abs quads hams calfs.. I just can’t stop

I can’t ever stop growing, and watch the display of my power increase, my size increase.

I get more decadent, cockier, larger as every minute goes past.

Watch me stroke my nipples, oil up get my big fat sky remote cock as hard as a metal pole

What a horny site your favourite muscleman in a floor positioned camera stood ROCK hard to attention

Flexing my massive bicep veins as my cock gets harder and harder..

Before the hotel room floor takes my hot sweaty load…

Full Video Is 16:54 (Mins:Sec)…