The Ultimate Alpha Muscle-god Secret



Do you find yourself running out of time, getting close to deadlines?

I only like to share things with my members, especially when it’s my most important muscle god secrets..

Nobody else needs to know them because nobody else understands them.

Nobody else understand the cockiness used to my advantage

How my muscle is used to my advantage, how my shredded ABS are used to my advantage… the list can go on.

But what I share.. Will get me through any difficult time..

It starts from a tiny bit of lotion, a tiny bit of oil.

But ultimately it’s about me working out what I need to do, show or say to get what I want.

Deadlines? Deadlines are not in my fucking life because I use EVERYTHING I have carved to get them removed.

Some people can get deadlines extended. Some people can get them taken away.

I get the work done FOR ME!

Full Video 11:03 (Mins:Sec)