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Slathered in baby oil, why – because I love it and I know you do too, and i’m all about you 😉

I’m a monster of a man, my dimensions scare you but at the same time turn you on.

I know the nerds love me, a protector, a monstrous male. Could you believe it that a fucking monster like me, a gigantic muscle god like me does whatever the fuck he wants even if it could be considered ‘nerdy’ or not considered ‘cool’.

Usually to get what I want all I have to do is take my top of, flex my muscles a little bit, maybe a kiss, maybe a wink.

So if I say get down on your knees, you do just that. I love being a monstrous muscle geek because I have both sides completely nailed, i’m fucking massive and i’m clever.

If I want to demand something with my muscles, it happens. If I want to seduce and talk my way into your submission with my geek side, it happens.

Perhaps its just my big cock, the fascination of just wanting to suck on my fat muscular cock…

You know all about me now, which side do you prefer? Not that it matters because if you pick me, you get both.

But the simple answer is i’m a fucking catch, and I want you to catch me, and I want you to pleasure me.

I shake my bum in the mirror while I look down on you deep throating my wide cock, secure me as being yours by taking my cum, and cleaning me up 😉