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I’m your removal man, I’ve just moved you from home to home and if I don’t say so myself. I’ve done a fantastic job!

I’ve popped in to collect payment after moving all the furniture, I work on a basis of full payment – if i’ve done my job right! But I receive a little more than full payment..

You offer to pay me for the job, but then you offer to pay me for some ‘extras’.

I can see how fasinated you are by my big muscles. Before I know it your paying me to slowly strip, slowly oil up and allow you to touch me from head to toe.

As you muscle worship me, we progress. Before I know it all that’s left on is my hard hat around my hard cock.

I see your cock get hard over the sight of my oiled up naked muscular body, I can’t thank you enough for tipping me so well, or can i? 😉