The Joshua Armstrong Experience



This is the total Joshua Armstrong experience, your here to see a real fucking muscle god and exactly what he is capable of.

Rock fucking hard dinner plate chest is just the beginning of the iceberg that is my powerful frame

There is no movement in my muscles, they may as well be bricks.. Like a real fucking man.

I lotion up my muscular frame just for you, glisten in the light – just for you.

Straight from destroying my shoulders in the gym I come in front of you LARGE & IN CHARGE giving you all your wishes at once, the complete Joshua Armstrong experience…

Touch me.. Feel me, LICK ME and see how you provoke my muscular cock. I get so excited when someone knows how to appreciate my muscle.. and that’s exactly what the Joshua Armstrong experience is all about..

Experience my power, Worship my adonis frame…

Receive my hot cum shot 😉

Full Video 13:10 (Mins:Sec)