20:57 (Mins:Sec)

You’re my Private, i’m your General.

You are disobedient, and need whipping into shape in order to stay in the Army. You’re lucky that i’m your general as I can allow you to make up for the ways you lack.

I give you orders day in day out, recently you’ve made for shit inspections, and you make a shit soldier too. You need to do me some favours to stay in the Army.

I demand and order you to worship my massive veiny bulging muscles, stare at me straight in the eyes while you adore my glistening oiled up physique. Tell me how I’m the biggest, sexiest general in any fucking Army in the world.

If you want to stay in my Army, you have to do as you’re told, after worshiping my huge vascular shredded body I demand you drop your trousers, so I can show you what a real man’s cock feels like.

Do you have what it takes to stay in my army?