13:12 (Mins:Sec)

I invite you over to my house, innocently thinking we were going to hang out and play video games. Turns out you have other things in mind!

I let you know about my new job, that i’m a stripper at a mens club. You’re initially taken back, but once you get over the reality all you can think to ask is that you want to see me try some ‘moves’.

You sit down in a chair in front of me and let me work my magic, you are like putty in my hands. The more I flex during my routine the weaker you become.

You tell me it’s time to add extra flare to the show! I take off my pants to increase the intensity. As I look up your cock is hard and in your hand!

This totally gets me going knowing how turned on you are watching me, It only increases my sexual desire to please you and not a moment later I’m rubbing my cock between my fingers.

All I can think to do is run over to you, grab your cock in one hand, with my cock in the other and wank each other off while I continue to mesmerise you with my hips.