15:06 (Mins:Sec)

Drenched, covered in your favourite substance. Muscle oil.

I’m a man who know’s what he wants, and I want to be worshipped like a god when i’m covered in oil, when i’m pumped, vascular and shredded.

I’ve just really punished myself in the gym for you, to be as pumped as physically possible for when i’m having this naughty oil session with you.

Touch me, feel me, rub my own spit into my oiled up muscles and tell me they’re not the hottest thing you’ve ever held in your hands.

I drench myself in so much oil and have you lick it of my muscle cock. As it drips down my body I can’t help but get very horny. It makes me crave your fingers around my big sexy pecs and my huge horny cock.

Service me, service my cock and balls and make me cum big and full, you will be rewarded.