18:22 (Mins:Sec)

I’m fresh from the gym, covered in my own sweat and hormones.

Now this is where you’re in for a treat, I don’t let many men have this privilege. You’re lucky my muscles need to be worshiped, and you’re the only one around who takes my eye.

I instruct your pathetic worthless hands around my body, I command you where to place them. What to feel and how to feel it, I have you rub oil around my abs, arms, chest and even my pits.

My armpits are so attractive right now, and i’m going to use my alpha pheromones to control you completely, as I start to tense more and more as my veins come out stronger and thicker, you can’t resist.

I use you, just like you want to be used, I use your face to wash up the stench from my armpits with using your face as a cloth. I have you lick the beads of sweat from every and every inch of my dripping body.

I make you go lower, and lower until my hard vascular cock is deep into your mouth

You’ve been a good boy worshipper, so you get to take home a present of my satisfaction, a very used jockstrap filled with my cum. Help me fill it up before you take it.