All males are inferior to me, especially when i’ve finished a huge bicep workout session.

I can do whatever the fuck I want, and when i’m especially pumped I always want to do what others expect me NOT to do.

I spark up a fine cigarette as I let in you in my mindset as a pure alpha male.

Find out what it’s like to walk down the high street, into the supermarket linking arms with me, holding my arms.

Its an experience for sure…

During this workout I came to the realisation that I don’t want this vest anymore, It doesn’t show off enough pecs, never mind enough LATS.

I hulk out of my vest, why? Because I fucking can.

I like to be reminded of how POWERFUL i am, and can be when the mood strikes…

Standing in front of you as hot as the male form gets.. I do not give up till I see cum leaking out of your cock.

with you on your knees in front of me of course…

Full Video 11:03 (Mins:Sec)